Wife, Mummy, Nurse: 8 Deals to Help Make THM More Budget Friendly

05 January 2016

8 Deals to Help Make THM More Budget Friendly

In November, I reviewed the Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Unfortunately during the holidays, I ate way too much sugar. I'm planning on starting the THM plan again. I have too much of a sweet tooth, so at this point in my life, I need to stay away from sugar, and it's harmful effects. One of the biggest complaints I have seen regarding THM is that "it costs too much." My response is, "No it does not cost too much." Check out some of these deals this week on products to help make the plan more affordable.

At ALDI (starting January 6) you can buy, SimplyNature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (16.9 oz., 5% acidity with the "Mother") for $1.99. This would be perfect for good girl moonshine (one of THM's all-day sippers, found on page 397 of the new cookbook),

I have just started getting into Ibotta (and am still getting used to it). You download the app onto your smartphone or tablet, unlock rebates to different stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, etc.), go shopping, and verify purchases. Some deals on Ibotta are:

The Laughing Cow Cheese. Any variety - 6 oz. package - $0.75 - Expires 1/10/16 at 3:00 AM. I enjoy using this for sandwiches I make on Ezekiel or rye bread.
Jif Peanut Powder. Any variety - 6.5 oz. size only - $2.00 -  Expires 1/15/16 at 3:00 AM. Can be used in many of the desserts in the new cookbook. Just look up "pressed peanut flour" in the index.
Wasa. Any variety - Any size - $0.75 - Expires 1/15/16 at 3:00 AM. Purchase the "light rye" crackers.
Deer Park Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water - Any variety - 1L bottle - $0.50 - Expires 1/15/16 at 3:00 AM. If you miss the bubbles from "pop", you would be interested in mixing iced herbal tea with sparkling water and your favorite sweetener.
Organic Valley Unsalted Butter - 1 lb. box - $2.00 - Expires 1/15/16 at 3:00 AM. Can be used with any yummy S meal.

On Target's cartwheel app, a few deals I found include:

30% off Celestial Seasonings Tea Bags - Tea Bags Only - Expires 1/9/2016. Check out the many good girl moonshine recipes on Pinterest using herbal teas. Let's just say, I have 5 unopened boxes of herbal teas in the pantry. When I was in Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving, my dad noticed me making this drink and tried it (and enjoyed it). He then stated, "This would be a good beverage to make in a large quantity for those who don't drink alcohol and take it to a party." I laughed and told him that it's a variation of "good girl moonshine".
20% off Progresso Soup - 18.5-19 oz. cans - Expires 1/23/2016. Some soups you can have include light beef pot roast, light Santa Fe Style Chicken, light zesty Southwestern vegetable. plus more, but these are my favorite.

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  1. I shop sales and in bulk to save money. I love Sam's Club and Amazon for deals.