Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {January 18, 2016}

18 January 2016

Currently {January 18, 2016}

Homeschool problems
Oh dear... So, Charis has been learning a bit about Pearl Harbor in school, and the last two nights (Saturday and Sunday), she's come out of the bedroom saying she was scared. Last night, Drew went into the bedroom to talk to her some more and ask what scares her. She told him, "I'm afraid of airplanes bringing bombs and dropping them out of the sky."

I said, "Great! Part of that is my fault. She's afraid of it because of what I'm teaching her."

Drew, "She has to learn about it eventually. We can't shield her indefinitely from true things that happened. Plus, it's better now when we can talk about it." Next thing I see, Charis comes out of the bedroom and goes over to Drew. Together, they walked over to the world map and have more lessons about where Hawaii is, where Maryland is, what year Pearl Harbor happened (1941), what year it is now (2016), etc. He also has been singing and praying with her. At one point, Drew came out of the bedroom and within a minute, we could hear Charis singing the last verses of Psalm 4.

Current Projects: Knitting and Crossstitch
Little Valerie (newborn test knit dress). I'll probably give this dress to the next person who has a girl. To my knowledge, there are 3 women who are pregnant at church, so it will be the first person who has a girl.
My Favourite Things Infinity Scarf. Knitting this for me. I want to practice colorwork and fair isle knitting before starting a sweater. I'm planning on knitting it throughout the year with important (or memorable things that happened each month).
Pumpkin Passport. Well technically, I need to finish Christmas Eve Delivery, then start Pumpkin Passport.

How was your weekend? What are you up to currently? 
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  1. Love your knitting projects!!!! Sooo talented!!!

    Poor kiddo on being scared, I would probably have nightmares too. I can't wait scary movies anymore :(

  2. You have beautiful projects in progress. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  3. The dress is looking cute.
    Fun idea for a scarf and a great way to practise new skills.
    My kids are 6-9 and I am trying to find that fine line between teaching them about the realities of life without scaring them half to death, too.