Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Thoughts and Reflections about the New Year #Currently

05 January 2016

Thoughts and Reflections about the New Year #Currently

December flew by quickly. It was one of both stress and enjoyment. Stress over:

Whether Drew would finish his revisions for his dissertation (He did!!But has to finish compiling his data and make more revisions before the defense).

Drew's computer dying. It crashed December 23. We took it to Pennsylvania, and his BIL was able to retrieve ALL of his data-Praise God! A new computer was purchased on December 26, and he's back at work on his data and revisions.

Our brakes needed to be replaced. On December 26 as Drew pulled in the driveway at his aunt's house, the brakes were grinding. We planned to drive back to Maryland on Sunday, December 27, but decided that would not be wise. The new plan was for Drew to take the van first thing Monday morning to see about getting the brakes repaired. He and my dad arrived at the car repair shop at 7:30, Monday morning, and our van was able to be seen right away. It was fixed that day, and we drove back that Monday-arriving back home around 9:30 PM.

I had enjoyment:

Knitting Christmas gifts for my family. This was the first year that I had gifts completed in time for almost everyone. (I need to finish the scarf I'm knitting for my SIL's husband. My goal is to finish it by January 8, which I should be able to do since it's just a ribbed stitch with bulky yarn.)

Watching Charis play. We took 3 weeks off (officially) homeschooling. I still read with Charis, borrowed books from the library on things she's interested in, and worked with her unofficially on phonics (answering her questions and having her try to sound out words). We started school again on January 4 and eased into it. I'm hoping today we'll do get more accomplished.

Do I have resolutions? No. I usually try not to make resolutions, especially since they can be forgotten by the middle of January. I have goals that I'd like, but I also realize that just because I'd like them to be accomplished, God might have other plans.

Some goals I have are to:

Move!! This is the biggest one. I've been wanting this for at least the last 2 1/2-3 years, but God keeps putting road blocks in our way. I don't care where. I'm fine with remaining in Maryland (or moving to another state). Our place is much too small, and I often have cabin fever, especially in the winter (we only have one vehicle). Plus, we live in a tiny, one bedroom apartment. I'd love to show hospitality to people, but when I already feel like I'm stepping on top of my children multiple times a day, plus we don't have room for more people, inviting anyone over is often troubling. Those that I would invite have husbands and young children too, so we would love a bigger place.

Get a full time job (with benefits and paid time off)-for either Drew or me. Drew and I would both love for him to work full time and for me to stay at home. We also realize that God may have other plans, and we need to be open to those plans. The job Drew has not is part time, with no paid time off. Anytime he's sick and takes off, we don't get any money from him taking off. When the company does not open on holidays, the tutors don't get holiday pay. When Justin was born on May 11, Drew was back at work on May 12 for 4 hours. So our desire is for one of us to have a full time job.

Get out and walk at least 4 days every week with my children. In the summer this is easy. We were easily motivated to go to the library and pool, but in the winter, it's harder. Yesterday, I was pushing my son in the stroller uphill, with the frigid wind pushing on us. Nice workout, but it was COLD.

Knit something in bright red for every new baby on my list. I hoped to do this last year, but let's just say, it did not happen (and I'm fine about that). 

What goals (or resolutions) do you have for the new year?
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  1. That is an impressive stack of gift knits you made!!! I don't really do resolutions either. One of my goals is to exercise more. I already eat very healthy and get mostly enough sleep, but I struggle with getting enough physical activity during the winter months. I also really want to knit socks and an adult sized sweater. :)