Wife, Mummy, Nurse: A Whirlwind Weekend

15 February 2016

A Whirlwind Weekend

Every year, Drew is the meet manager for the Presidents' Athletic Conference swimming championship at Grove City College. We left Maryland last Wednesday morning and drove the 5 hour trip to Grove City. Arriving after 2:30 PM, we checked into our hotel, then went to my parents' house and unloaded the rest of our van there. Drew took the van a mechanic so our brakes could get looked at, and his parents picked him up and took him over to the college.

Overall the week was pleasant, but tiring. With our van at the mechanic, I was not able to see friends I wanted to see. Why do visits have to be so short? I am often to see only family and church friends. (Sigh. Maybe one day.) During the visit, it was made clear that we need to get a new vehicle. Thankfully Drew's parents lent us their van, and we're trying to find a "new" vehicle to purchase. I'm trying not to worry, but it's hard.

Even with the increased financial worry of trying to find a van, I was reminded of God's goodness. Yesterday, one of our good friends invited our family and my in-laws to their house. After lunch was served, the three older children went outside to go sledding. They came in for dessert-apple pie. After we ate dessert, Charis asked if she could go outside and play with the bigger kids. I replied yes, but told her to bundle up. Once she had everything on, outside she went, trailing a few steps behind the bigger kids.

After a while, we noticed all four children coming in. Someone said, "It looks like the youngest is crying." When she came in, we were told that, "We were sliding down the hill. We turned the sled. K. and E. jumped off the sled, but Charis stayed on it and hit an electric fence post." Her face was bruised and swollen. She was ambulatory, new the date, her location, where she was, and her pupils were equal, round, and reactive to light. I gave her Tylenol and watched her. About 15 minutes later, we decided to take her to the ER. I was 99.9% sure she was all right, but I wanted to be sure, especially with the drive back home. Off to the ER we went-about a mile up the road.

We were seen in triage immediately, and it was Charis answering all the questions in a calm, matter of fact manor. The nurse probably thought, "These parents over reacted." We went back out to the waiting area and within 5 minutes were called back into a room in the ER. The doctor came in examined Charis and said she was going to order x-rays of her nose and orbital bone, since that's where most of the swelling was located. After leaving, the nurse came back in with the radiology technician and told us to remove Charis's necklace (she has had it on since June and did not want to cut it off). They took a 5 minute trip to get her x-ray (Drew went with her). When they came back, Charis had a copy of her x-rays in hand. I looked at them and could tell she was all right. The doctor came back in and briefly explained the x-rays and told me she was all right. By this point, Justin was spinning in circles in the room and Charis was wanting to get up and dance. Drew left with Charis and Justin, while I waited to the official discharge instructions from the nurse.

As I walked out of the hospital (which is on a hill), I was reminded of Psalm 121. My help comes from God, the maker of heaven and earth. He does not slumber or sleep.

We left around 5:30 PM to come back home. We are now at our home sweet home, and it's good.

How was your weekend?

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