Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Knitting: Not just a Hobby, but a Passion

01 February 2016

Knitting: Not just a Hobby, but a Passion

If you have been reading my blog, it is no secret that I enjoy knitting. In fact, it's one of my passions. Knitting is something I am interested in. Even though there's only two basic stitches-knitting and purling, there are many techniques and projects I have yet to make.

I also enjoy knitting because it's easy to create knitted objects with children (with my other hobby, sewing, I have to clean and clear the table, pull out the sewing machine, ignore my children, make a huge mess, and clean everything up because supper time or breakfast). Knitting requires two needles and yarn. I can take it anywhere. It's easy transportable and a great conversation starter.

What passions or hobbies do you have?