Wife, Mummy, Nurse: March 2016

30 March 2016

Log Cabin Blanket #YarnAlong

Recently I was sorting through my yarn stash and noticed a few things: 1)I had more acrylic (or acrylic blend) yarn than I realized. Even though I prefer knitting with animal fibers, I often buy acrylic yarn because a lot of my friends and family do not like the care (handwashing) that wool often requires. 2)I have a lot of this yarn. More than I'd like, and it will just sit in my apartment if I don't use it up.

I decided that I'd knit a blanket. As I browsed Ravelry, I kept coming across various log cabin blankets and finally settled on knitting a log cabin blanket. I plan on keeping it for myself (if my daughter has her way, she'll take it from me). I started knitting the center in white/cream colors, then changed to brown, red, and orange. I'm about ready to pick up stitches with yellow. If you have not figured it out, I'm knitting the colors in the order they show up on the rainbow. I had one red and two oranges (one of the oranges reminds me of deer hunting season in PA). I'm only using yarn that has been leftover from previous projects, and I plan on knitting the color until I run out.

I'm still attempting to read 26 books with Bringing up Burns this year. Yesterday I finished reading Molly Learns a Lesson to my daughter. The American Girl books fall under-a favorite book from my childhood.

What's on your needles? What are you reading?
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16 March 2016

My Future Knitter #YarnAlong

I have been trying to knit my daughter a skirt-Zagzig Skirt, but every time I pull it out, a sweet five year old comes up to ask, "Can I knit with you mama?" How can I say no to that request? Up she crawls beside me, as I patiently show her how to knit. This happened on three different days last week. At this rate, my future knitter will soon be a knitter herself. I've now been trying to pull the skirt out at night, so I can actually finish it.

What age was your child/children when they learned to knit or crochet? What are you knitting? What's on your needles? Join me at Ginny's Yarn Along.

15 March 2016

Currently {March 15, 2016}

Thankful for Chipotle! On Saturday, my husband was sick. In the morning I decided I was going to make pasta for dinner because of the time change, needing to get the kids in bed earlier, and Drew was sick, so he did not care what we had for dinner. All morning I thought, "I'd really like Chipotle for dinner. Please God, let me have Chipotle." When I went to get the mail, I received a coupon for one FREE burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or order of tacos. I told my children, "We're going on a walk AGAIN today!! Mama's going to get a salad from Chipotle, and you'll have pasta for dinner." We walked 2 more additional miles just so I could get food from Chipotle. Once we got home, Charis and Justin took a bath, while I cooked pasta for their dinner. It turned out, I forgot the spaghetti in the van from grocery shopping on Friday, but thankfully we had lasagna noodles. I broke up the lasagna noodles, added some sauce, and pepperoni to it. On top, I put a dollop of cottage cheese. Let's just say, there were no complaints.

Knitting a log cabin blanket with random acrylic yarns I've collected over the past 2 years.

Reading The Story of the World. When it's a book, I'm a much slower reader because I'd rather knit and listen to audiobooks, instead of read.

Watching Into the White. Based on a true story, it's set during World War 2. In the film three German pilots were shot down over Norway; after surviving the first night, they search for shelter and find a cabin. The aircraft that shot the Germans down had to crash land. Two survivors remained, and they too found the cabin where the Germans were. After a troubled start, the Germans and the English realized that they would need to work together in order to survive the Norwegian winter.

Since Drew was sick, Monday was spent washing bed sheets, pajamas, comforters, and Drew's robe. I was not able to wash the colored clothes like I planned to, so today is spent tackling Mt. Never.Finished.Laundry. 

What's currently going on with you?
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09 March 2016

Sadie's Baby Hat #YarnAlong

One of my goals this year is to: Knit something in bright red for every new baby on my list. Last week, a woman from church gave birth to a little baby girl. So on Saturday night, I dug through my yarn stash and found Vanna's Choice Cranberry yarn. I also had Red Heart Super Saver Paddy Green yarn leftover from my nephew's Christmas gift.

After browsing Ravelry, I settled on knitting Sadie's Baby Hat. The hat is red and the bow is green; it looks very Christmassy. Instead of making a clip out of the bow, I decided to sew the bow onto the hat.

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07 March 2016

MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier #Giveaway

MiaMily Giveaway

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DOUBLE SHOULDER CARRIER: This set up transforms HIPSTER™ into a traditional structured carrier, perfect for the times you need to be completely HANDSFREE. The double shoulder straps go over each shoulder, which reduces back strain. In this set up, you can also discreetly nurse your baby when out in public.

SINGLE SHOULDER CARRIER: This set up allows you to use HIPSTER™ like a ring sling, where you can position your baby on your side and also have both hands free.

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Currently {March 7, 2016}

Charis working on her Spanish school work. "Hey mama!
They have verde, naranjo, morado, rojo, azul, and amarillo, but NOT negro."
The Cay by Theodore Taylor. (Technically, finished listening to the audiobook. It was an impulse borrow from the library. Often when I walk by the children's section, I look to see what audiobooks they have. I saw the cover and wondered, "What is that about?" After taking it off the shelf and reading the back, under the stroller it went.)

I love this book. The Cay is a children's book. I've seen complaints about how "slow" this book is. While it is slower than some books I read, I think it's a good idea to read a variety of books. Too often we want things to be given to us five seconds ago. We don't want to trudge along and wait for the ending to happen at the pace the author intended. Google is often consulted to find out what happens.

The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. I'm slowly reading this, taking notes as I do, and jotting down ideas about what

Full House-seasons 4 and 5. (I skipped seasons 2 and 3, since our library system does not have those seasons.) I watch an episode every night after the kids go to bed and before Drew gets home.

Walking to
The park. We walked to the library and park four days last week (Monday through Thursday). On Thursday at the park, a little, bratty girl tell her to, "Go away. I don't like you. You're not my friend."

Yes, the same girl who did the same thing in November. She often comes up to Charis in the library and asks her to come with her. I often say yes, but I've noticed this girl flips hot and cold at a moment's notice. I told Charis, "The next time she asks you to come with her. I will tell her no. She needs to treat you like a friend, like how she would want to be treated." When we arrive home, Charis wanted to call Grandma and tell her what happened, but the first five minutes were spent by Charis sobbing on the phone unable to enunciate her words, and it was requested that I get on the phone and talk to grandma. Once I explained everything

Praying for:
A consistent park friend for Charis. 

A bigger home for us to live in. Let's just say, I think people who want to live in a tiny house are crazy. I grew up in a very hospitable home and long for that myself.

What's going on with you? How was your weekend?

03 March 2016

Money Savvy Kids #MSKidsatHome

This is a sponsored post.

One of my desires is to teach my children when to spend, save, and be generous-to be good stewards of what God has given them. I want my children to know that money is not unlimited. and they need to budget for their needs and wants.

One tool I use with my daughter Money Savvy Pig sold by Money Savvy Generation. What is Money Savvy Generation? It's a
child-friendly educational program that teaches personal finance basics in a fun, approachable way... The eight lessons include: History of Money, Where Does Money Come From?, Kids Can Earn Money Too, Saving, Smart Spending, Donating, Investing and a Family Money Press Conference. Each kit includes a parent handbook, student workbook, presentation CD with over 100 images and music, an activity book and a 4-chambered Money Savvy Pig bank. Ideal for Ages 6-11. The banks come in these different styles: cow, football, soccer ball, or pig (pink, blue, green, or purple).

02 March 2016

Zagzig Skirt #YarnAlong

When we went to Pennsylvania in February, I gave a handful of clothes to my niece (they were hand me downs from Charis). Included in the clothes was the Marian skirt (designed by Taiga Hilliard) I knit over 2 years ago.

When I saw Taiga Hilliard Designs was looking for testers for her zagzig skirt pattern, I decided to knit a new skirt for Charis. I've been knitting it when Charis works on her math in the morning. We sit at the table together, so if Charis needs help with math I'm right there to help her figure the problem out. (Addition and subtraction are newish concepts for her.)

We're starting a unit on Ireland for the next 2-3 weeks. Since C.S. Lewis was born in Northern Ireland, I started reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to her.

What's on your needles? What are you reading?
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01 March 2016

Lucky Charms Treat Bars

Last week when Drew was working on his latest revisions for his dissertation, Justin kept wanting Drew to play with him, but he couldn't at that time. Since there's no where for Drew to escape to when working, Justin and I went to Shoppers. I needed to buy a few things anyway. As I walked past the items on mark down, I saw a box of Lucky Charms for $1.50. In order to save money, I rarely buy cereal, but since St. Patrick's Day is coming up, I decided to splurge.

Yesterday, my daughter and I made Lucky Charms Treat Bars. In order to make these, you'll need:
  • 4 Tbsp. butter
  • 10.5 oz. mini marshmallows
  • 5 cups Lucky Charms
  • One Reese's Pieces Candy Carrot Shaped bag (A wee bit of orange for the Irish flag)
  • Green and orange pieces from Jelly Belly's 3.5 oz. Kids Mix Bag (More orange with some green for the Irish flag)
Line a 13 X 9 pan with parchment paper.

Remove the Green and Orange pieces from the Jelly Belly's bag and set aside. Give the rest to your children to eat.

Melt butter in pan.

After butter is melted, add the mini marshmallows. Stir until melted.

Add Lucky Charms to butter-marshmallow mixture. Stir until well coated.

Add Reese's Pieces and Jelly Bellies to Lucky Charms mixture. (You don't want to add the Reese's Pieces too soon or they will break open and melt.)

Once everything is thoroughly mixed, press the Lucky Charms mixture into the pan with a buttered spatula. Cut into bars once cool.

What's your favorite treat? Hope you find these magically delicious!
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