Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {March 15, 2016}

15 March 2016

Currently {March 15, 2016}

Thankful for Chipotle! On Saturday, my husband was sick. In the morning I decided I was going to make pasta for dinner because of the time change, needing to get the kids in bed earlier, and Drew was sick, so he did not care what we had for dinner. All morning I thought, "I'd really like Chipotle for dinner. Please God, let me have Chipotle." When I went to get the mail, I received a coupon for one FREE burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or order of tacos. I told my children, "We're going on a walk AGAIN today!! Mama's going to get a salad from Chipotle, and you'll have pasta for dinner." We walked 2 more additional miles just so I could get food from Chipotle. Once we got home, Charis and Justin took a bath, while I cooked pasta for their dinner. It turned out, I forgot the spaghetti in the van from grocery shopping on Friday, but thankfully we had lasagna noodles. I broke up the lasagna noodles, added some sauce, and pepperoni to it. On top, I put a dollop of cottage cheese. Let's just say, there were no complaints.

Knitting a log cabin blanket with random acrylic yarns I've collected over the past 2 years.

Reading The Story of the World. When it's a book, I'm a much slower reader because I'd rather knit and listen to audiobooks, instead of read.

Watching Into the White. Based on a true story, it's set during World War 2. In the film three German pilots were shot down over Norway; after surviving the first night, they search for shelter and find a cabin. The aircraft that shot the Germans down had to crash land. Two survivors remained, and they too found the cabin where the Germans were. After a troubled start, the Germans and the English realized that they would need to work together in order to survive the Norwegian winter.

Since Drew was sick, Monday was spent washing bed sheets, pajamas, comforters, and Drew's robe. I was not able to wash the colored clothes like I planned to, so today is spent tackling Mt. Never.Finished.Laundry. 

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