Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {March 7, 2016}

07 March 2016

Currently {March 7, 2016}

Charis working on her Spanish school work. "Hey mama!
They have verde, naranjo, morado, rojo, azul, and amarillo, but NOT negro."
The Cay by Theodore Taylor. (Technically, finished listening to the audiobook. It was an impulse borrow from the library. Often when I walk by the children's section, I look to see what audiobooks they have. I saw the cover and wondered, "What is that about?" After taking it off the shelf and reading the back, under the stroller it went.)

I love this book. The Cay is a children's book. I've seen complaints about how "slow" this book is. While it is slower than some books I read, I think it's a good idea to read a variety of books. Too often we want things to be given to us five seconds ago. We don't want to trudge along and wait for the ending to happen at the pace the author intended. Google is often consulted to find out what happens.

The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. I'm slowly reading this, taking notes as I do, and jotting down ideas about what

Full House-seasons 4 and 5. (I skipped seasons 2 and 3, since our library system does not have those seasons.) I watch an episode every night after the kids go to bed and before Drew gets home.

Walking to
The park. We walked to the library and park four days last week (Monday through Thursday). On Thursday at the park, a little, bratty girl tell her to, "Go away. I don't like you. You're not my friend."

Yes, the same girl who did the same thing in November. She often comes up to Charis in the library and asks her to come with her. I often say yes, but I've noticed this girl flips hot and cold at a moment's notice. I told Charis, "The next time she asks you to come with her. I will tell her no. She needs to treat you like a friend, like how she would want to be treated." When we arrive home, Charis wanted to call Grandma and tell her what happened, but the first five minutes were spent by Charis sobbing on the phone unable to enunciate her words, and it was requested that I get on the phone and talk to grandma. Once I explained everything

Praying for:
A consistent park friend for Charis. 

A bigger home for us to live in. Let's just say, I think people who want to live in a tiny house are crazy. I grew up in a very hospitable home and long for that myself.

What's going on with you? How was your weekend?

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