Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Log Cabin Blanket #YarnAlong

30 March 2016

Log Cabin Blanket #YarnAlong

Recently I was sorting through my yarn stash and noticed a few things: 1)I had more acrylic (or acrylic blend) yarn than I realized. Even though I prefer knitting with animal fibers, I often buy acrylic yarn because a lot of my friends and family do not like the care (handwashing) that wool often requires. 2)I have a lot of this yarn. More than I'd like, and it will just sit in my apartment if I don't use it up.

I decided that I'd knit a blanket. As I browsed Ravelry, I kept coming across various log cabin blankets and finally settled on knitting a log cabin blanket. I plan on keeping it for myself (if my daughter has her way, she'll take it from me). I started knitting the center in white/cream colors, then changed to brown, red, and orange. I'm about ready to pick up stitches with yellow. If you have not figured it out, I'm knitting the colors in the order they show up on the rainbow. I had one red and two oranges (one of the oranges reminds me of deer hunting season in PA). I'm only using yarn that has been leftover from previous projects, and I plan on knitting the color until I run out.

I'm still attempting to read 26 books with Bringing up Burns this year. Yesterday I finished reading Molly Learns a Lesson to my daughter. The American Girl books fall under-a favorite book from my childhood.

What's on your needles? What are you reading?
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  1. This sounds intriguing! What is a log cabin blanket exactly? Oh, and my daughter and I both enjoy the American Girls books, too!

  2. Great idea and it looks great so far - I must do the same some day.