Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Sadie's Baby Hat #YarnAlong

09 March 2016

Sadie's Baby Hat #YarnAlong

One of my goals this year is to: Knit something in bright red for every new baby on my list. Last week, a woman from church gave birth to a little baby girl. So on Saturday night, I dug through my yarn stash and found Vanna's Choice Cranberry yarn. I also had Red Heart Super Saver Paddy Green yarn leftover from my nephew's Christmas gift.

After browsing Ravelry, I settled on knitting Sadie's Baby Hat. The hat is red and the bow is green; it looks very Christmassy. Instead of making a clip out of the bow, I decided to sew the bow onto the hat.

What's on your needles? Join me at Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. What an adorable little hat!

  2. What a fun idea and great hat!!! :)

  3. Very cute! I really like the colors!

  4. What an adorable hat! This would be perfect for those babies born around Christmas time too!