Wife, Mummy, Nurse: A: and then it's spring #atozchallenge

01 April 2016

A: and then it's spring #atozchallenge

and then it's spring
Written by: Julie Fogliano
Illustrated by: Erin E. Stead

Back in February, it seemed that spring would never come. When March 20 came and went, I thought, "How did that happen? It was just January." I know I'm not alone in my thinking.

And then it's spring perfectly describes what I often feel like in winter: "First you have brown, all around you have brown." A boy goes out to plant some seeds. He wishes for rain; it rains. It's still brown. Time goes on. He plants some more seeds and worries. Why aren't plants coming up? Did the birds or bears do something with the seeds? Finally after a few weeks and some rain, there's green!

The illustrations are wonderful. The brown pages are just the right amount of drabness, without being depressing. As soon as it's green, all the colors seem to pop, and the only color that was added was green. And then it's spring helps teach children the virtue of patience in an instantaneous society we live in.

What's your favorite children's book about spring? 
Have you read and then it's spring?
A of the A to Z Challenge.


  1. Children's books are just so lovely to read now that we're adults aren't they?! I have not read "and then it's spring," but it looks like a great one!
    Stopping by from A-Z
    Brandy from B(e) Kind 366

    1. Children's books are SO MUCH FUN to read! I LOVE it, especially seeing the joy on my daughter's face when I read to her.

  2. The book has a great analogy and glad to be here through A to Z list.

  3. I love childrens books, I should read more of them. I don't know if I know any with spring in them though. Most of my favourite childrens books are sad though. like goodbye mr. Muffin about a guinea pig that dies.
    You have spring? It snowed on the first here in Norway, thankfully it melted soon enough.
    Vilje from http://viljes-bunny.blogspot.no

  4. Seems like a lovely book to read. We all, adults and children, need to keep learning about the virtue of patience; a difficult value to live by in our microwave world. #AtoZChallenge