Wife, Mummy, Nurse: B: Bella and Harry: Let's Visit Maui! #atozchallenge

02 April 2016

B: Bella and Harry: Let's Visit Maui! #atozchallenge

Written by: 
Lisa Manzione
Illustrated by: 
Kristine Lucco

The beauty of reading books to your children is that it takes them to many different places. My daughter loves learning about different cultures. (I blame both Drew and myself for this. Drew studied Spanish and French in college, plus he's in a comparative politics program for his PhD. I grew up going to visit my grandparents in Northern Ireland, plus I spent a summer in Uganda.)

At least once a month, my daughter borrows various Bella & Harry books out on her card. It was no different in March. She decided to go to Maui with Bella and Harry and checked out Bella and Harry: Let's Visit Maui! You may be wondering: Who are Bella and Harry? They are two chihuahuas, a brother and sister, who travel with their family to different countries and states. Harry is often found getting into mischief, and Bella being the older sibling is often correcting her younger brother. At least once during each book, Harry often shows some knowledge of the culture they are in.

In Bella and Harry: Let's Visit Maui!, some of the places we traveled to were: Wailua Falls, Haleakala National Park, Honokalani Black Sand Beach, and the East Maui Volcano. I butchered all the Hawaiian pronunciations and told my daughter, "Mommy's probably not saying this correctly." Afterwards, found the location of Maui on a map and colored in a page of the Hawaiian islands. This is the page we used for Maui.

Have you read any Bella and Harry books? What did you think of them?


  1. I've never read these, but they sound an interesting way to get kids interested in other countries.

  2. I haven't but my brother would've loved these when he was little! I think we missed a good opportunity with him not getting him into reading through maps which he loved!

  3. I'm not familiar with these series but they sound good. Like you, I appreciate how books transport you to places you might never visit. It's brilliant for children to see a world beyond their immediate sight. :-) #AtoZChallenge

  4. We are reading all the Magic Tree House books with Jack and Annie at the moment, but we've never heard of this series! They look cute!

  5. These are new books to me. I'll have to check them out for my grandkids. I get a goofy smile when I see kids who love reading. Wearing it now!