Wife, Mummy, Nurse: F: Fox in Socks #atozchallenge

07 April 2016

F: Fox in Socks #atozchallenge

Written By: Dr. Seuss

Yes, I had to include a book written by Dr. Seuss. I have always enjoyed his books, especially Green Eggs and Ham. I liked them so much that I put them on my Christmas list the first Christmas Drew and I were married. My wonderful MIL bought me this set. Little did I know that less than a year later I would be reading the books to my newborn daughter.

I may as well include the title I am most likely to make a fool of myself to my children: Fox in Socks. This book starts out simply enough with just four rhyming words: "Fox Socks Box Knox." But it quickly turns into a tongue twisting book where this mama messes up. My daughter often tries to guess where I'll mess up, and I try my best not to mess up before or on that page. Once I've made many mistakes, I make strange sounds with my mouth.

Warning: If you take yourself too seriously, don't buy this book.

What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


  1. Green Eggs and Ham has always been my favorite, along with Horton Hatches the Egg: "I meant what I said and I said what I meant and an elephant's faithful 100%" i wish politicians would do that.

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  2. Ashamed to say I haven't read much of Dr Seuss. Growing up I enjoyed stories by Roald Dahl. They were my favourites as a child.

    I think it's wonderful that you are sharing such loved stories with your daughter.

  3. I love Dr. Seuss books! I actually have almost all of them. My daughter's favorite is Fox in Socks and she laughs at all the rhyming words. Being that she is almost 2 she loves the rhyming and it is great for her development. Thanks for sharing! Cassie from Mommy, RN