Wife, Mummy, Nurse: H: Help! We Need a Title! #atozchallenge

09 April 2016

H: Help! We Need a Title! #atozchallenge

Written By: Herve Tullet

One of favorite children's authors is Herve Tullet. I was first introduced to him with his book Press Here. The last book (Help! We Need a Title) that I borrowed from the library did not disappoint.

Summary: A pig and princess play together when they notice someone (AKA the reader) is watching them. The pig and the princess surprised, call in the other story characters. They realize we are expecting a story. They scramble together and try to make a visually appealing landscape. Still there's no story. Then they add in a bad guy, who is not able to scare his audience. Finally, they call in the author and illustrator of the book-Herve Tullet. He too is not ready and asks us to come back at a later time. His story lasted a total of 8 pages. The characters criticize the story. Herve pretends to be offended and tells the reader, "Look, if you're not happy, you can go and look for a story somewhere else. There are lots of other books, you know! And
before you leave, could you do me a little favor, dear reader? Press here, please?" (Woohoo, a reference to the book that introduced me to all his other books!) Lights turn off. After Herve leaves, the characters ask us to turn the lights back on. They then tell us, "Ciao!" Then they go back to play.

My family's thoughts:
Drew, "This is FANTASTIC!"
Mine, "Great!" The illustrations are childlike with vivid colors.
Charis, "They're being silly!"
Justin, "Yuh." (with laughter in between)

While my family enjoyed this book, it's NOT for everyone. You need to have a childlike sense of humor, and since everyday is a laughter day in our house, we definitely think things are easily amusing.

Have you heard of Herve Tullet? What's your favorite book of his?


  1. I was a teacher of preschoolers and used to know lots of authors and books. I was then a mum to 4 kids and again used to know lots of authors and books but now I am retired and my baby turned 21 the other month so my knowledge of new books and authors is getting limited so I have to shamefully confess I don't know the author or the book but... its sounds like heaps of fun. I'm also in Australia... do you know Paul Jennings or Andy Griffiths - they write hilarious and fun books for kids ( chapter books with illustrations... that age group)

    1. No I do not know those two authors. I'll check them out. Thanks for the recommendation.