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11 April 2016

I: Ireland #atozchallenge

In March, I put our regular home school curriculum on hold and focused on Ireland. Why? 1. I love Ireland. 2. I have many happy memories of traveling over to Ireland and Northern Ireland. 3. My mum was born and raised just outside Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 4. I wanted to introduce Charis to Irish history.

I used Ireland: Enchantment of the World as one of the books to teach Irish history, published by Scholastic. It was a little advanced for my kindergartner, but I wanted to introduce her to this geography and history. I only read 2-4 pages at a time and would ask her questions about what we read. If she did not remember, I'd go back and read one or two sentences to help her answer the questions. I recommend this book to anyone who does not know a whole lot about Irish history and wants a brief introduction to the history, government, people, and culture. This book is sure to further interest you in Irish history and can be a springboard before diving off into other more specific books about Irish history. The author is pro united Ireland, but shows the history fairly. Thankfully, she does not appear to be pro IRA. The pictures are very vivid and colorful.

Do you have a favorite book about Ireland? If so, what is it?
Be sure to check out Ireland: Enchantment of the World.

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