Wife, Mummy, Nurse: R: The Rag Coat #atozchallenge

21 April 2016

R: The Rag Coat #atozchallenge

Written By: Lauren Mills

The Rag Coat is the most recent "row" we're doing with FIAR. It's about Minna, a girl who lives in the Appalachia region. She wants to go to school, but at first she's not able to go because she has to help her mom at home, since her father is dying. (Yes, he dies in the book, so don't read if you do not want to cry.) When Minna is able to go to school, but she wants a winter coat. (Her family is not able to afford one.) The quilting mothers gather together and provide quilting scraps so that Minna can have a coat. Minna finally gets the quilted coat, but when she goes to school, her classmates taunt her, calling her "Rag-Coat." Minna points out that the pieces of fabric are their stories: "Don't you see? These are your rags... Look Shane, here is that blanket of yours that your mama's sister gave her the night you were born."

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