Wife, Mummy, Nurse: T: Tea Cakes for Tosh #atozchallenge

23 April 2016

T: Tea Cakes for Tosh #atozchallenge

Written By: Kelly Starling Lyons

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is her baking in the kitchen. When she baked a cake, it was not just one cake; she baked a dozen. When she make loaves of gingerbread, at least 6-10 would be made that day. I loved watching her. She knew the recipes from memory.

Tea Cakes for Tosh is about a boy (Tosh) who loves spending time with his grandma, especially the times she baked tea cakes. She often told him their family history about their people being enslaved. Tosh's great-great-great-great-grandma (Ida) was a slave and baked biscuits for her master. Sometimes Ida would pocket a few tea cakes to give to the children. Over time, Tosh started noticing his grandmother forgetting things-where the car was parked, her sister's phone number, and how to make tea cakes. (Side note: this is where I lost it. I worked as a nursing assistant in an Alzheimer's-Dementia unit at a nursing home, and that's how I became interested it becoming a nurse. Let's just say the tears started flowing at this part of the book.) Tosh helps jog his grandmother's memory, and she finishes the recipe. Later that night, Tosh asked his mother to help him make tea cakes.

This is a heartwarming story about families passing traditions on to future generations.

Do you have memories of your grandmother making family recipes?

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