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27 April 2016

W: When Washington Crossed the Delaware #atozchallenge

Written By: Lynne Cheney

One of my pet peeves with teaching history is that it is easy to fall into the trap of having students memorize the facts and spew it back out for testing purposes, only to have it immediately forgotten. This is what my history teacher did in high school, and as a result, I don't know as much as I would like, but one of the beauties about homeschooling is I can hopefully learn what I should have learned in high school.

When Washington Crossed the Delaware is written by Lynne Cheney. (Yes, that's Dick Cheney's wife.) I had no clue she wrote children's history books, but I'm glad I discovered this gem. When Washington Crossed the Delaware goes back to Christmas 1776. George Washington led 2400 men across the cold, icy Delaware River. On December 26, General Washington and the army surprised the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey. The Americans won the battle after the Hessians surrendered.
Many of Washington's men had the right to go home at the end of the year, but Washington needed them to stay... He could see that they were cold. Many marched without shoes and left bloddy footprints in the snow... he [Washington] appealed to their love for their country. This was an hour of destiny, he told one regiment, a time that would decide America's fate. If they wanted their country to be free, they had to keep fighting.
Washington's men stayed at his side. Washington knew there were British and Hessian troops in Princeton, N.J. Wanting to surprise the British again, Washington organized his men to leave in the wee hours of the morning on January 3. Once again (in less than 10 days), Washington and his men surprised the British, this time in Princeton. The Americans won the battle.

I plan on purchasing this book for our family and reading it every winter to my children. It's wonderful and weaves the story of the battles of Trenton and Princeton throughout the book in an understandable way.

What's your favorite book about the Revolutionary War?

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  1. Great point! I love that you re-learn forgotten lessons from your school days, as you teach your own children.