Wife, Mummy, Nurse: X: Except the Color Grey #atozchallenge

28 April 2016

X: Except the Color Grey #atozchallenge

Written By: Arlene Alda

I was NOT looking forward to "X". So few book titles started with this letter, and the one or two I found, I had NO desire to read. Thankfully, in the children's section of the library I found Except the Color Grey. I picked it up just because "X" is the second letter in the title, and it looked safe.

If you are looking for a basic book to teach a toddler colors, Except the Color Grey would be a good option. The illustrations are photographs and clearly demonstrate the colors the author is trying to point out. That being said, Except the Color Grey is just so-so. It rhymes, but sometimes the rhyming seems forced. Plus the author seems to be contradicting herself, at the beginning of the book she says she likes most colors that she sees, except the color grey. But at the end, her favorite color is grey.

What's your favorite book that teaches the names of colors?

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