Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Y: You Can Do It, Sam #atozchallenge

29 April 2016

Y: You Can Do It, Sam #atozchallenge

Written By: Amy Hest

One of my favorite memories of Christmases in Iowa was baking cinnamon bread with my mum. After the loaves came out of the oven, we would go into town and deliver the freshly baked bread to my teachers-1 to my Sunday school teacher and 1 to my public school teacher. Afterwards we would come home and eat slices from an extra loaf.

In You Can Do It, Sam, Sam and his mother are baking cakes for their friends on Plum Street. Sam and Mrs. Bear wait for the cakes to be finished. Once they are completely baked, they tuck the cakes into twelve red bags to deliver to their friends. They go driving on Plum Street and stop at houses to deliver the cakes. Mrs. Bear tells Sam to take the cake. Surprised Sam says, "All by myself?" His mother gently encourages him to go; that he can do it. At each house, Sam took the cake and left it at the door. When the deliveries are made, Sam discovers there are two red bags leftover for he and his mom to eat. They sit by the fire eating their cakes on that winter day on Plum Street.

What's your favorite memory as a child from winter time?

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