Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Berroco Vintage Colors

10 May 2016

Berroco Vintage Colors

On Saturday, my children and I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The last tent I visited that day was All About Yarn. They are based in Columbia, MD. Every Sheep and Wool Festival, All About Yarn comes and sells various skeins significantly reduced. I'm not sure if the yarn is no longer made or it's not selling in the store. Whatever the reason, I stop by their tent every year. Most of the time, there's a line formed outside with people waiting for customers to exit, so new customers can enter. This year was no different.

When I arrived, I had to wait (but only for a few minutes). When entering, I decided that I was going to knit my sister's children skirts for Christmas this year. My sister does not like pink. Instead, she likes green, purple, yellow, and orange.

I bought Berroco Vintage colors yarn in carousel. Yes, it has pink, but not a whole lot. The rest of the colors are ones that she likes, and the yarn would go with many tops made for girls. It has acrylic, wool, and nylon and is soft. Plus, you can wash items made from this yarn in a machine. The one, tiny drawback: Do NOT wash in the dryer. Instead you are to lay it flat to dry. (Or so, I was told by another attendee at Sheep and Wool. She said that she learned the hard way.) I thought this yarn would be perfect for my sister's girls.

This is the BlogHer writing lab prompt for May 10, 2016. What was your most recent purchase? Show us a picture and tell us the story. 

What's the most recent purchase you have made? Were you at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend?