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03 May 2016

Granny's Nursing Pin

Today's BlogHer writing lab prompt is to take a photograph of the oldest thing in our home. To be honest, I don't know what the oldest thing is. I have items from the 1940s, mostly pictures. We also have a tablecloth that was a wedding gift to Drew and me from one of my great aunts who received it as a wedding gift from my grandmother. 

I am the only grandchild who went into nursing, so I was given Granny's nursing pin after she died (September 26, 2005). Yesterday I posted a photograph of her from her nursing days. Today, I'm posting her nursing pin from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast from 1942. Inscribed on the back is "M.J. Blair" (for Margaret Jane Blair). 

64 years later, I received my nursing pin when I graduated from Sewickley Valley Hospital School of Nursing.

This is the BlogHer writing lab prompt for May 3, 2016. Take a picture of the oldest item in your home. Tell us its story if you write a post, too.

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