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07 June 2016

Summer Reading Programs

Kindergarten is mostly over for my daughter. (We're just doing some catch up work from lessons I meant to do in May, but because of travelling and sickness, they did not happen.)  I have signed her up to participate in various summer reading programs. I decided to share a brief list of summer reading programs that I have compiled:

Your Local Library

At our local library, just for signing my children get to pick two prizes. After they complete so many squares on their "game board", they pick a free book and are entered to win various prizes.


Read six Christian books of your child's choosing and have her explain the faith message from each book in her Reading Adventures Diary. Bring her completed diary to a Family Christian store between June 3 and August 25, 2016. Choose a FREE book from Family Christian's list. If you don't live near a store, send your child's completed forms, mailing address, and free book choice to customerservice@familychristian.com. 

Summer Reading Triathlon

Print and fill out the summer reading triathlon reading journal. Bring the completed journal to your local Barnes & Noble store between May 17 and September 6, 2016. Choose a FREE book from Barnes & Noble's selection on the reading journal list at the store.

Summer Reading Road Trip

Students log the amount of minutes they read and earn rewards for reading.

Have you signed up your child/children for a summer reading program?

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