Wife, Mummy, Nurse: 4th of July

06 July 2016

4th of July

Last year, Independence Day was rather depressing. Charis was in Pennsylvania. I was with Justin, alone at home. Drew was working on his dissertation at Panera Bread. I remember going on Facebook that night and seeing all the fun activities various friends of mine did with their families that day. Thankfully this year, the 4th of July was NOT depressing. I was able to spend it with those I love-my immediate family.

It started out as a lazy day. Let's just say, we woke up after 9:30 AM. (Some were up after 10 AM.) After Justin went down for a nap, Charis started biting her nails. REALLY?!?!??! WHY?!?!?!?!? (I remember struggling with nail biting my whole childhood. I finally stopped biting my nails once I started working as a nursing assistant. Let's just say, thank God for YUCKY microbes.) I decided to go out, with Charis, to see if any stores had bitter tasting nail polish. (I went to Rite Aid and CVS; it was a negative for both.)

Drew by site-not by tracing.
When we arrived home, I made a healthy, delicious lunch of baked beans, hot dogs, and potato chips. After our late lunch, I started listing things in my planner for the "Listers Gotta List" prompts by The Reset Girl. When Charis saw me writing, she decided to get out her Democratic primary map and use it as a guide to draw Florida.

Afterwards, I mentioned to Drew, "Is it okay if I go running later?"
"Sure, but I'm looking up locations that still have fireworks."
"Okay, I'm going now then."
Charis, "Mommy, can I go with you? Please?"
Me, "Yes, but you need to change out of those jean shorts and put shorts on that are better for running. Plus, I'll need to tie up your hair, and you will NOT be wearing those flip flops. I am doing the #C25K and will be alternating between running and walking."
"What's alternating, Mommy?"
Post run.
"You'll find out soon enough."
And off we ran. I ran less distance than I did last week... but I kept reminding myself, that it's okay to slow down. Be thankful my daughter wants to run with me. Have fun and chase after her at times. Run backwards (when needed) to help encourage her.
33 minutes later, we arrived home, sweaty. Drew told us that Columbia, MD was still going to have fireworks. I took a quick shower. Within 20 minutes, we were out the door driving to Columbia.

The fireworks were nice. The rain held off. (Praise God!! It rained earlier and poured at times through out last night.)

How was your Independence Day?


  1. Spent the week at a revival at my church! It was a wonderful Independence day. (Or, week, really.) Happy you had a good day!

  2. A good tip can be to check out what's in those nail biting products. Not that the focus is on the nail polish and how that is harmful, perhaps it's worth checking the yuck taste nail polish too. My father always used to cut my nails short. I didn't like that but I can see how that avoids lots of bacteria to come under the nails.

    Happy belated 4th! We don't have that here in Norway and there has been a lot of celebrations I haven't partaken in for years. Not even Christmas- but mostly because of illness and new circumstances happening. A long story- but my mum was sick for many years so I was sitting at her bedside in the hospital. So I'm like over celebrations haha.

  3. Sounds like a great day. WE spent the day traveling home from helping those affected by the west virginia flooding. Was great to see my sister in law and help her as well as many other residents that lost everything


  4. So glad you had a much better day this year! Sounds like a blast!

  5. So glad you had a good 4th. Mine is usually a little depressing because my husband has to work. I have vowed to make next year fun somehow!

  6. My independence day was blessed! I enjoyed time with the family!