Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Colourifique Gel Pens #Review

30 July 2016

Colourifique Gel Pens #Review

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While my daughter does her school work at the kitchen table, one of the ways I "relax" is by coloring in adult coloring books. Originally, I only used colored pencils, but as I have colored in more pages, I have come to purchase more markers and gel pens. When I found Colourique pens, I wanted to see how they worked for coloring.

Colourifique gel pens come in a 36 piece set and contains: 12 glitter colors, 10 metallic colors, 6 neon colors, and 6 pastel colors. They are great for both adult coloring, journaling, writing letters, arts and crafts, and scrapbooking.

My thoughts:

Great for adults and children. I'm selfish. Yes, I wanted to save these pens for myself, but my daughter found the pens and immediately asked if she could color with her mama.
Price. Currently, the price is $11.95, so it works out to about 33 cents/pen.

There's no brown in this set. Yet, I was wanting to use brown. Since these pens don't blend well, I could not create brown by blending the colors.
The flow was not great in all the pens. Sometimes I had to get a scratch piece of paper and try coloring on it before coloring in my book.

I was sent Colourifique Gel Pens for the purpose of review. I was not compensated in anyway, and all opinions are my own.

Have you caught the adult coloring bug? What's your favorite product to color in adult coloring books? What's your favorite adult coloring book?


  1. I bought a coloring book of scriptures and a set of colored pencils, but haven't found the time yet to sit down and color, but I hope to soon. I hadn't considered pens before. I bet pens give a sharper line over time than pencils would.

  2. I love gel pens! I am not artsy (boy I wish I was) but I do love to write in color!

    sounds like some great pens

  3. How cool! I love using different colors in my planner to color code our schedule. I might have to check them out.

  4. I love gel pen and my favorite colors to write in is pink and red. I'll have to try these out.

  5. I haven't used gel pens in forever, but these look so fun! I love all the ranges of colors.

  6. I love colored pens...and color in general. They spruce up the boring!

  7. I love gel pens! I used to have a bunch of them, but they dried up.