Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Spicknall's Farm Market

26 July 2016

Spicknall's Farm Market

Growing up, I always thought I would live in the country and have a: garden, chickens, a clothesline, and a dog or cat. But, I married my husband who was in grad school at American University in Washington D.C. So, I moved to the DC metro area less than a week after we were married. Living in the DC metro area has been much better than I imagined it would be. I am able to look outside our balcony window and see fiends. (Thanks to the United States Department of Agriculture; this allows me to sometimes think I'm still in the country.)

About 5-10 times during the summer, I go to Spicknall's farm market and purchase farm homegrown vegetables and fruits.

What I love about Spicknall's:

Location. It's 2 miles from our place. I could almost walk there. (Sadly, there's about 250 yards that do not have a sidewalk and with two children, I'm NOT going to walk there without a sidewalk the whole way.)
Selection. They have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. Most of their produce is homegrown, but they do bring in local fruits (currently peaches).
Family business. It's a local, family business. I don't purchase all our produce there, because we do have a budget and buying fresh fruit and veggies is cheaper at the grocery store. But I purchase items that are in season, grown at the farm to try to support a local family.
Fresh veggies without having a garden. We just don't have the space to have a garden. In the past, I tried container gardening, but it was so much more hassle that it was worth. Plus, the condo association has a rule against patio and balcony gardens.

Do you shop at a farmer's market? How was your experience?

This post was written as one of the prompts for the summer blogging challenge by Social Insiders. "Be a tourist in your hometown! Go see something new, try a new restaurant, or shop in a new store. What makes your town unique? What do you love about living in your town? Blog about your experience and share it with us."


  1. Absolutely love post and I LOVE fresh veggies, too.

  2. Love shopping at the farmer market. Just when I can afford. Other than farmer market I go to this sprouts store. Which they have better fruits and vegetables for a reasonable price.