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09 August 2016

Family Told Story Featuring Me

Are you featured in any often told family stories? Tell us about it.

Yes. My dad loves to tell stories about things. There may be times that he embellishes stories in order to add humor, but not always.

The year-1992. The location-I forget; somewhere east of the Mississippi River. My mum was in Northern Ireland with my brother; they were visiting her parents. When my mum would go visit her parents in Northern Ireland, the leftover siblings would go on a road trip with our dad.

My sister and I traveled with our father for 3+ weeks that summer-between synod and my dad filling in for preachers in Pennsylvania and New York, we had an awesome time. (Don't tell my father that I used the word awesome. He always says, "Only God is awesome. That is rather cool.")

My job was choosing which hotels we stayed at. My requirement was simple: It must have a pool. One of the hotels we inquired about staying at was Holiday Inn. My sister, father, and I went into ask the front desk clerk what the price was. We were told it was over $60 to stay there for the night.

I replied, "Motel 6 is cheaper, and they'll leave the light on for us."

The front desk clerk chuckled and said that he would bring the price down to what we would pay at Motel 6.

I was not trying to be funny or smart. I was an 8 year old who wanted to make sure we were not being frivolous. My father put me in charge of what hotels we stayed at because he new I did NOT like spending money.

Are you featured in any family told stories? If so, what is your story? This is today's BlogHer's writing lab August 2016 prompt.

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