Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Our Homeschool "Room"

12 September 2016

Our Homeschool "Room"

I've posted before that my family and I livee in a one bedroom apartment; it's about 700-750 sq. ft. Let's just say, I either laugh or cry when I see different homeschool rooms. We don't have a homeschool room. Despite being difficult to homeschool in a small place, it can be done. It can be far too easy to covet, but just remember to keep it simple. You do not need a lot of materials to homeschool, just patience (which is needed anyway), books, and a notebook.

Homeschooling is done anywhere and everywhere in our apartment. In the photo to the left, Charis is doing her math book in our bedroom. In the photo to the right, Charis and Justin are at the kitchen table doing school work while I'm getting lunch ready.
Last year the only object I bought that was to place on display was a map of the world:

We use this map daily. Everyday, while Charis eats, she asks questions about the map, "Where is X country? What continent is X on?" Or she's teaching Justin where different countries are located. I have been pleased with the purchase, plus it takes up no room (other than wall space).

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