Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Justin #ThankfulNovember2016

03 November 2016

Justin #ThankfulNovember2016

2. I am thankful for my son. God heard my cries and prayers for another child after my daughter. 

For about 12-18 months before getting pregnant, I did not like going to church every week: I was criticized by our decision to use birth control. I was compared to other women and when asked to do things was reminded that I was not pregnant or did not have a newborn. I was told if I wanted to have a newborn, that my husband and I should just get pregnant so that I could hold my own baby. 

During this time I was also reminded that I am God's daughter. He is my protector and comforter. No one should take God's place; I was treating the idea of having more children as an idol. I know this is a long, round about way of saying I'm thankful for my son.

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  1. No matter what, you will always be criticized. We just had our fourth child - intentionally after being on birth control. Still, we get comments like, "You know how babies are made, right?" I wish people would not pass judgement or assume things. I am sad you had that experience but glad you have your son and are hopefully feeling better about going to church.