Wife, Mummy, Nurse: January 2017

30 January 2017

Turtle Butt Soaker

On Saturday, there was a joint baby shower for two pregnant ladies at my church. I love babies and baby showers (minus the games). I try to knit a baby gift for every baby at our church; though many times life gets in the way, and that does not happen.

I decided to knit a turtle butt soaker for one of the ladies. She used cloth diapers with her second son, and is planning on using them again with her third son. I used up yarn from my stash! Including:

  • Paton's classic wool yarn, wedgewood
  • Paton's classic wool yarn, aran
  • And I forget what the brown icord is knit with.
Overall, I was pleased with the pattern, with the exception of the errors I noticed in the decreasing for the leg holes. I purchased this pattern, and when I purchase patterns, I expect them to be without error. Thankfully, I figured it out very quickly what I needed to fix, but I went back to look at the comments and noticed at least 1-2 people mentioned mistakes in the decreasing. When I purchase a pattern online and it comes in a PDF, I would love it if the designer actually addressed the problems that have been mentioned. 

What handmade baby gifts do you like receiving?

26 January 2017

Leave Me Alone! Book Review

This post contains affiliate links.

Every so often, I type "knitting" in the search tool at the library. Then, I limit the search to children's books. Yes, I confess that my desire is to brainwash my children to see how awesome knitting is, and it's been working. (Charis has already tried to knit a few times.) Back in December, I borrowed a new book from the library: Leave Me Alone by Vera Brosgol.


It's about a granny who lives with her grandchildren. Winter is coming, and she has lots of knitting to do. (Very understandable.) She wants to knit up her projects, but the children are doing EVERYTHING imaginable to prevent her from doing so. One day, Granny shouts, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and leaves her home in search of peace and quiet which would allow her to eventually knit sweaters for her 30 grandchildren. She is finally able to finish knitting in a wormhole! (It now became science fiction. At this point, I started rolling around on the floor from laughter. My daughter kept asking, "Are you okay mama? What's so funny?") Once her projects are completed, she heads back to her family.

My thoughts: 

This book is AWESOME. As most, if not all, mothers crave some alone time, Leave Me Alone really resonates with me. (Probably more so because I love knitting.) Some may be surprised that I read this to my two children-Charis and Justin. They too loved it. When reading it, I did all the voices and yelling, "Leave me alone." Thereafter, my children, especially Justin, frequently requested it. Charis retold the story to everyone who would listen; she even greeted her grandma at the door in December with the book itself. (No. There were no subtle hints.)

Have you heard of the book-Leave Me Alone? What children's books have you read to your children? Linking up at Booknificient

25 January 2017

Marian Skirts

In May, I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. While there, I always go through All About Yarn's tent, since they often have discontinued yarn or yarn that does not sell from their shop for super cheap. They had Berroco vintage colors in the carousel colorway there. It was multicolored and perfect for toddler girls. I immediately knew what I would make with the yarn-matching skirts for my nieces. Yes, I became that person; the one who has to dress toddlers up to be matchy-matchy. The amusing thing is, I test knit this pattern 3+ years ago, when I was pregnant with Justin. It took FOREVER to finish it. This Christmas, I was able to finish two Marian skirts in less than half the time it took me to finish one skirt when test knitting it.

Update (26 January 2017 at 1240): There were some who were asking what the name of the pattern is. For those who want to know, you can find it here.

What do you think of matching children's clothes? What's on your needles? Join me at Ginny's Yarn Along.

21 January 2017

Double Rainbow Cowl

Back in November, I found out there was a new knitting designer, Christy Furlan-Yarning for Whimsy, looking for test knitters for her double rainbow cowl pattern. After looking at the specifics, I saw that I had yarn from my stash that I could use for the contrasting color-Knit Picks Chroma, Pegasus. I choose a solid color for the main color-Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection Alpaca Dance, Cinder.

This pattern is perfect for a beginner to branch off knitting. The only stitches are: garter stitch, slipping purl-wise, and cables. If you're hesitant to cable knit, there are directions in the pattern how you can knit it without a cable needle. When I've test knit before, I've never tweaked a test knit pattern without making sure it was okay with the designer. It turns out that I missed a major part of the pattern. I missed the fact that I had to repeat the contrasting part after about 12 rows of garter stitch in the main color. I'm slightly frustrated by this. Only because I think it would have shown the color changes in Chroma much more. At the same time, I LOVE how the cowl looks. How it wraps around my neck. How it drapes. My daughter also likes my cowl. So much so, I'm afraid she's going to claim it for herself-AKA steal it. I might knit her a small version of this cowl following the directions better next time.

You can purchase the pattern for $5.00

Have you ever test knit a pattern before? How did it work out for you?

20 January 2017

Minion Hat

I only knit Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews, along with the rest of the females in my family. My nephew, J. is in preschool this year. His Nana bought him a minion backpack before he started school. One day, I was browsing through Ravelry and discovered there was a pattern for a minion hat. I had all the colors required, except yellow. The next day, I went to Wal-Mart and bought Red heart yarn for his hat. He loves it! Plus, it fits him so much better than the dinosaur hat I made for him Christmas 2015.

Did you make any handmade gifts for Christmas? Do any children in your family like the minions?

Pick Your Tula Giveaway

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18 January 2017

Irish Hiking Hats

Over the last few months, when I've been on Instagram or Ravelry, I noticed a newer yarn-Caron Cakes. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors and the color changes. I decided to look and see where I can purchase a few cakes for myself. A quick search brought me to see that they're sold at Michaels.

My sister-in-law's hat. Knit with bumbleberry caron cake yarn. At some time,
I will get around to knitting a hat for Charis using the leftover yarn from this project.

One Saturday morning, in November, I opened up my Michaels email. I saw that Caron cakes were a little over $6; in addition to which I had a 20% coupon off my entire order. When Drew came home from his Hebrew class, I skedaddled out of our house and purchased the yarn at Michaels.

A brief review of Caron Cakes: I have been VERY pleased with it. Yes, it comes from a big box store, but this gal is on a budget, and they are affordable, especially with a coupon. Since it changes color on it's own, I don't have to buy multiple yarns for color changes. The downside is: I'm not as in control of when the color changes happen. One thing you could do (if you want to change the color sooner), cut the yarn where you are leaving a 6-8 inch tail, unwind the yarn to where it changes color. and start knitting with the new color. For such a high acrylic content (80% acrylic/20% wool), it's actually quite soft. Another thing, the label says, "Hand wash cold." That being said, I forgot to put care tags on the two hats I knit, and my SIL washed hers without any problem. It did not shrink or grow. There were no little fuzzies on her hat. It stayed the same.

My sister's hat. She loves blues and greys, so I thought this would be a great colorway for her hat.

These opinions are my own. I purchased the cakes with my own money and will do so again in the future. Have you knit or crocheted with Caron Cakes? If so, what was your experience? I'm linking up at Ginny's Yarn Along.

10 January 2017

Rainbow Longies in Action

Back in October 2015, I blogged about one of my WIPs-Rainbow Longies, but failed to show the completed project. I completed them in early winter, over a year ago, and my son wore them during cold days and weeks we had last winter.

It has been cold the last week. On Sunday morning, as we were getting ready for church, I told my son, "You're 2 1/2. You don't care what you wear, so I will put these warm wooly pants on you." I figured that I can't get away with this for much longer. Thankfully, he was very compliant.

The knitting pattern was super easy, As I started knitting a different color, I used the jogless circular knitting method following the directions in this YouTube video below.

My husband liked this knitting project because no new yarn was purchased.

What knitting method do you use when knitting with a different yarn color to a project?
This post is part of January's Ultimate Blog Challenge.
Linking up at Ginny's Yarn Along.

09 January 2017

January 1-7 #CatchtheMoment365

Happy New Year! I am finally getting caught up on life. From December 22-29, various people in our family were sick. Drew graduated from American University on December 21st with a PhD in political science. Even though he officially finished during the summer, he walked in December (due to the university not having a summer graduation). Seeing him walk, made it more real that he completed his dissertation.

On December 22, at the wee hours of the morning, Drew was sick. At the time, we thought it was food poisoning because of how suddenly it came on and stopped. But on Sunday afternoon, Drew found vomit on Justin's blankets. Add in the fact that Justin was not interested in eating anything for 24-48 hours, we assume that he was sick as well. On Monday, December 26, we drove out to my parent's house. Within two hours after getting there, I was sick as well. That started the domino effect in Western PA with my parents and in-laws.

January 1: It's so good being back home in MD; we had a week of sickness. (Stomach virus-NOT the flu. FYI, it's a major pet peeve of mine when people call stomach viruses "the flu".) This photo was taken at the Sheetz in Bedford, PA. 

January 2: It was so dreary today. Everyone in my family had a rest/quiet time. The sky was grey and cloudy.

January 3: It's another rainy, dreary day. I'm organizing paperwork for my daughter's portfolio for my homeschooling review. 

January 4: Still knitting my SIL's hat-Who? At night, after the kids are in bed, I've been reading (listening to) "Call the Midwife". 

January 5: Justin had an eye appointment today; for the last 4-6 weeks, he's been squinting and complaining of eye pain multiple times/week. The doctor found nothing wrong with his eyes. 

January 6: We went to a basketball game at my husband's school. Bard played Arundel Christian School and won by two points!!

January 7: I love the library programs Baltimore county public library offers; my daughter their enjoyed "Starry Like Van Gogh".

How is your new year going? Did you have a good Christmas?