Wife, Mummy, Nurse: January 1-7 #CatchtheMoment365

09 January 2017

January 1-7 #CatchtheMoment365

Happy New Year! I am finally getting caught up on life. From December 22-29, various people in our family were sick. Drew graduated from American University on December 21st with a PhD in political science. Even though he officially finished during the summer, he walked in December (due to the university not having a summer graduation). Seeing him walk, made it more real that he completed his dissertation.

On December 22, at the wee hours of the morning, Drew was sick. At the time, we thought it was food poisoning because of how suddenly it came on and stopped. But on Sunday afternoon, Drew found vomit on Justin's blankets. Add in the fact that Justin was not interested in eating anything for 24-48 hours, we assume that he was sick as well. On Monday, December 26, we drove out to my parent's house. Within two hours after getting there, I was sick as well. That started the domino effect in Western PA with my parents and in-laws.

January 1: It's so good being back home in MD; we had a week of sickness. (Stomach virus-NOT the flu. FYI, it's a major pet peeve of mine when people call stomach viruses "the flu".) This photo was taken at the Sheetz in Bedford, PA. 

January 2: It was so dreary today. Everyone in my family had a rest/quiet time. The sky was grey and cloudy.

January 3: It's another rainy, dreary day. I'm organizing paperwork for my daughter's portfolio for my homeschooling review. 

January 4: Still knitting my SIL's hat-Who? At night, after the kids are in bed, I've been reading (listening to) "Call the Midwife". 

January 5: Justin had an eye appointment today; for the last 4-6 weeks, he's been squinting and complaining of eye pain multiple times/week. The doctor found nothing wrong with his eyes. 

January 6: We went to a basketball game at my husband's school. Bard played Arundel Christian School and won by two points!!

January 7: I love the library programs Baltimore county public library offers; my daughter their enjoyed "Starry Like Van Gogh".

How is your new year going? Did you have a good Christmas?


  1. Sorry you've had a rough start to the year! We've had tons of snow and some low key days. It's nice for winter.

  2. Our year started with sickness too. We are finally all starting to feel better, knock on wood.

  3. I got sick that Christmas week through the weekend. I think I ate something bad. My family didn't get sick which is how I know I didn't have the stomach virus. But the food poisoning. It was awful. But I manage to celebrate Christmas with the family. However the New Year turned out great because I was much better. What a holiday break I had with the food poi poisioning.

  4. So not a fun way to start out the year :( But at least you got some photos to help tell the story of the week!

  5. Sorry, always hard to catch back up. Of course, soon as I feel caught up...I'm not! lol