Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Turtle Butt Soaker

30 January 2017

Turtle Butt Soaker

On Saturday, there was a joint baby shower for two pregnant ladies at my church. I love babies and baby showers (minus the games). I try to knit a baby gift for every baby at our church; though many times life gets in the way, and that does not happen.

I decided to knit a turtle butt soaker for one of the ladies. She used cloth diapers with her second son, and is planning on using them again with her third son. I used up yarn from my stash! Including:

  • Paton's classic wool yarn, wedgewood
  • Paton's classic wool yarn, aran
  • And I forget what the brown icord is knit with.
Overall, I was pleased with the pattern, with the exception of the errors I noticed in the decreasing for the leg holes. I purchased this pattern, and when I purchase patterns, I expect them to be without error. Thankfully, I figured it out very quickly what I needed to fix, but I went back to look at the comments and noticed at least 1-2 people mentioned mistakes in the decreasing. When I purchase a pattern online and it comes in a PDF, I would love it if the designer actually addressed the problems that have been mentioned. 

What handmade baby gifts do you like receiving?


  1. This is just adorable. I love handmade anything!

  2. This is adorable! My favorite homemade baby gift I got for my baby was cloth wipes!

  3. so cute, i have made a similar pattern, its been a while though. yours turned out so cute.

  4. I think this is the first wool I've seen that I thought was cute!

  5. the title really got me - totally new to me!! it's so adorable!!!

  6. Omgosh it turned out adorable!! I got handmade blankets and bibs at my shower and I LOVE them!!