Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Anu Baby Hat #atozchallenge

01 April 2017

Anu Baby Hat #atozchallenge

This year, I'm hoping to participate in the A to Z blogging challenge again. Last year, I blogged about books, but this year, I don't want to narrow it down as much as I did last year. So, I plan on posting about a variety of topics: crafts, especially knitting, books, and about life in general.

About a month ago, I knit the anu baby hat.
Pattern source: Sock Yarn Studio
Yarn: Paton's sock yarn (I forget the colorway.)
Needle size: Size 4 (The pattern called for size 7, but my tension is not as tight as the designer's tension.)

Overall this pattern is very simple and easy to follow. It calls for casting on 96 stitches, but I was finding that the hat would be far too big for a baby if I followed those directions. I ripped out my stitches and cast on 80 and followed the directions from there.

I have no idea who it is for, but it will be given to a baby. Let's just say, there are at least six or seven ladies at our church who will give birth in 2017. We go to a smallish church-about 100-120 or so people. (Well, technically it's bigger for our denomination, but smaller compared to other churches.)

Do you have a crafty hobby? If so, what do you enjoy creating?

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