Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Carrot: It's Good for You #atozchallenge

04 April 2017

Carrot: It's Good for You #atozchallenge

Both of my children enjoy "cooking" food-also known as playing make-believe. I had yarn lying around from previous projects and decided to knit them a carrot to add to their "kitchen". On Saturday, I was able to complete the project while my son was napping.
Pattern source/desiner: Yarn Miracle, Emily Ivey
Yarn: Wool-ease pumpkin, Wool-ease avocado, and random green Red Heart yarn thrown in

Overall, my daughter was very pleased when she saw that I finished the carrot in one afternoon. My son could care less (but he was sick when I showed it to him on Sunday). If you celebrate Easter, this would be the perfect addition to add to your child's Easter basket.

Have you ever made handmade toys? How did it go?

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