Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Dianthus #atozchallenge

05 April 2017

Dianthus #atozchallenge

On Monday, Charis and I went to the library. She asked if she could borrow Dragon of the red dawn. Sure, no problem. We left around 7:00 PM. I hear, "Mama, I'm going to read the book on the way home." "Okay, Charis. You can do that."

As we drove home, I hear, "Mama, what is dian-thus?" "I don't know Charis. Can you spell it for me?" "Yes, it's d-i-a-n-t-h-u-s." "I don't know Charis, but you'll have to look it up in the dictionary when we get home."

At home, she looked it up in the dictionary, and we both learned what dianthus means. According to The American heritage dictionary of the English language, 3rd edition, a dianthus is
n. A plant of the genius Dianthus, which includes carnations and carnations and pinks. [New Latin Dianthus, genus name, probably alteration (influenced by DI-) of Greek diosanthos, carnation : Dios-, of Zeus; see DIOSCURI + anthos, flower.]
This is one reason I love having children; I find out that I am often learning with them. Did you know what the defintion of dianthus was?  


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