Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Emergency Room #atozchallenge

06 April 2017

Emergency Room #atozchallenge

I had planned to blog about the unit on England my daughter did in honor of Queen Elizabeth's sapphire jubilee, but instead I am blogging about the emergency room.

Justin has been to two different emergency rooms this year. The first (in January) for nursemaid's elbow. I was thankful it was that and not a broken bone like I thought it was.

The second (in April) for suspected intussusception. Thankfully, it was not intussusception.

I have been blessed with healthy children, so when we have to go to the ER, instead of being thankful, I'm a grump. (Afterall, my plans are thrown out the window.)

Thankfully, he does not have intussusception, and I am thankful for ERs and tests that can be done to rule out different medical issues.

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