Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Hat with Wave #atozchallenge

10 April 2017

Hat with Wave #atozchallenge

Another knit complete! (Okay, I have to be honest, it's mostly complete.) I recently borrowed Lullaby knits from the library and loved all the patterns, especially hat with a wave. I decided to cast on. Once I started knitting the first row, I thought, "Why did I start knitting this? I have to seam it when I finish it?" Yes, I cast off the hat on Saturday night, but have yet to seam the hat. It's just sitting in a pile. This is why I avoid knits I have to sew once I cast off. I avoid them at (almost) all cost.

Do you prefer seamless knits? Or knits you have to sew?


  1. Your hat looks great! I like the color. I think I prefer knits without requiring you to sew afterwards. I like being done once I am finished knitting.

  2. Great hat!!! without sewing afterwards.

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