Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Using National Geographic Kids in Our Homeschool

14 April 2017

Using National Geographic Kids in Our Homeschool

This is a sponsored post. I was recently given the opportunity to review National Geographic Kids books. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. What homeschool mom wouldn't? Did you know that Read Across America Day was March 2nd? I didn't either.

I was sent seven National Geographic Kids books for the purpose of review:

  • Animal Ark
  • Hop, Bunny!
  • Los Dinosaurios
  • Red Pandas
  • Follow Me!
  • Sacagawea
  • Mars
After receiving these seven books, I spent some time browsing the Super-Readers program. I printed out the super readers collector cards. On the back of the book, it has "I read this book: ___________ (Date)." I plan to put the ones my daughter has read in her homeschool portfolio binder.
These books were a wonderful addition to our homeschool library and curriculum. 

Hop, Bunny! could not have come at a more perfect time. Not too long ago, I was having difficulty with my son interrupting my daughter while she as being homeschooled. I tried reading to him, distraction, coloring, and even time out, but he still interrupted. I finally started to call our reading time, his pre-school. He started sitting down more and paying more attention to me reading. Our first unit was on bunnies. When Hop, Bunny! arrived, I grabbed it out of the box to read to my son. The book is 23 pages long, but very short and brief. My son was able to sit on my lap and pay attention the whole time. I should warn you, that not every page has a picture of a bunny on it, and to a three year old, that is disappointing. This mother enjoyed the beautiful forest pictures-trees, water, and animals. On the pages, where it listed different animals, the author used alliteration, for example, "deer dance" or "snakes slither".

Earlier this year, Charis studied about different animals, and their habitats. Animal Ark, Red Pandas, and Follow Me! Animal Parents and Babies were good review books. She was able to read these books outloud, without any problem. The pictures throughout these books are gorgeous.

I used Sacagawea to introduce my daughter to Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark. After reading it, I had my daughter find and color Idaho on her map of the United States (where she was originally from). Then I gave her a picture of Sacagawea to color.

I have yet to use Los Dinosaurios and Mars with my daughter, but will soon. She is currently learning about dinosaurs for school and takes Spanish as well. After she is finished with the science portion of her dinosaur unit, I plan on using Los Dinosaurios to come up with a Spanish/English vocabulary list. I plan on using Mars for our unit on space and planets later this year.

I was sent these National Geographic Kids books for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.